Valobois comes out of the woods...

Valobois, the brand name of our firewood production, is one of these initiatives.
From kindling to firewood in small or large quantities, you’ll be ready to spend the winter by the fire!

The works carried out under the name Valobois range from the manufacture of pallets for wood storage, to delivery, to cutting and placing the wood in nets.


Firewood with a high heating value!
Our firewood is almost exclusively made up of beech wood, and we offer it in two formats:

- in large quantities:

Stere for €90 or cord for €180 all inclusive (25 cm to 1 m long).

- in 12.5 kg nets for €4 including VAT per item, easy to transport (30cm) and firewood in 40 litre nets for for €4 all inclusive per item.

We can also deliver large quantities in bulk or in bags to your home (price on request).

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